The Transformation sector, to which IBER RESINAS, SL belongs and in
he who competes in his day to day, is an area of ​​intrinsic and implicitly innovative knowledge.

The Plastic Transformation sector, to which IBER RESINAS, SL it belongs and in which it competes in its day to day, it is an area of ​​intrinsic and implicitly innovative knowledge. Technological evolutions are constant and the dynamism of the market is so high that innovation is the only way to even subsist, although well managed, it is the main weapon to achieve leadership in each field of action.

If this is the case in general, particularly in the automotive sector; the technologies and devices associated with plastic transformation, and lengthen the useful life of certain polymers, the previous reflection takes on an even greater value and importance. The huge number of discarded polymers which can be processed, as well as being used again in the same areas and with the same applications, mean that in IBER RESINAS Innovation is not only a virtue but, strictly speaking, a necessity.

That the products offered by IBER RESINAS They are innovative, it is not posed as doubt. Perhaps it is more important to emphasize that innovation is part of the culture of the organization and is present in all phases of generation of a solution, from the design to its commercialization.

For that, IBER RESINAS, as a company that assumes innovation as a fundamental pillar of its activity, maintains a constant dialogue with the different interest groups of the organization to ensure that its products and solutions are leaders in the different areas of application:

With clients: IBER RESINAS it places them at the center of the analysis since they are the ones that will demand a new product with the same functionality and mechanical properties as a virgin polymer. These contributions will contribute to developing and improving the activities of the organization.

With the suppliers: Through regular contacts and meetings with them, IBER RESINAS seeks to maintain the necessary good relations with an agent that we consider key in the value chain of our products. In many cases, suppliers are those that have or are capable of developing technical improvements that our customers demand, so we maintain a very close relationship with them.

With competitors: On numerous occasions, the key to being competitive is also to learn quickly from the experiences of others. You can really learn a lot from competitors by observing and analyzing how they have developed their strengths, but also by studying their weaknesses.

With the workers: At IBER RESINAS We try to bring out all the creative potential and knowledge of the reality that their employees have regardless of the place they occupy in the organization. Thus, a greater commitment on the part of the employees is sought; an increase in confidence on the part of the workers; and the creation and promotion of an environment or space based on the culture of creativity and innovation.

Finally, we must also highlight the enormous effort that IBER RESINAS performs in Technological Improvement activities for the transformation of plastics, with its own resources and with the support of the interest groups described above, in order to offer customers the best and most innovative products, services and solutions in the market.

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