The plastic transformation sector, to which IBER RESINAS, SL belongs and in
which it evolves on a daily basis, requires know-how and innovation.

The plastic transformation sector, in which IBER RESINAS, SL evolves on a daily basis, is an area of ​​know-how and innovation. Technological evolutions are constant, which is why IBER RESINAS considers innovation as a fundamental pillar of its activity.

A large number of discarded polymers can be processed, in particular in the automotive sector where mechanisms to lengthen the useful life of certain polymers already exist. IBER RESINAS’ mission is to leverage innovation to give a second life to these high-value-added materials.

Innovation is part of IBER RESINAS‘s corporate culture and is present at all stages of the solution development, from design to commercialization.

IBER RESINAS is in constant dialogue with its different stakeholders, to ensure that its products and solutions meet the market needs in the best possible way.

With clients: IBER RESINAS places them at the heart of its strategy, as they define the functionalities of future products, with identical properties to virgin polymers. They contribute to developing and improving the company’s activities.

With suppliers: IBER RESINAS maintains a close relationship with its suppliers, considered as key players in the value chain of its products. In many cases, suppliers co-develop technical improvement requested by customers.

With employees: IBER RESINAS seeks to realize the full creative potential of its employees, regardless of their place in the organization, and increase their knowledge by developing a corporate culture of creativity and innovation.

Finally, IBER RESINAS is constantly working to improve the technologies of plastic transformation, to offer the most innovative and high-performance products, services and solutions on the market.

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